Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser AZURE CRACKLE

Our home aroma diffusers create a beautiful atmosphere and make your home even more cozy. Choose your favorite fragrance oil or essential oil and just make few drops into the water tank, sit back, relax and enjoy the aroma


Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser AZURE CRACKLE


LED Ultrasonic Diffuser – Azure Crackle -23cm. 

Material: glass, plastic base

Our electric aroma diffusers are perfect gift for home: create a cozy atmosphere , use your desired essential or fragrance oils.

Safely diffuse fragrances into the home, whilst creating a perfect ambience at the same time.
How does it work?
LED diffusers utilise electronic frequencies to cause a small ceramic disc under the surface of the water to vibrate. This breaks the essential oils into tiny particles, dispersing the oil into a fine mist and creating greater fragrance concentration. They use virtually no heat energy and they will cut off as soon as the water tank is empty.