Organic Lemon Essential Oil -10ml

Our organic essential oils are certified to European Organic Food Standards . Come in 10ml bottles ( about 200 drops ) and are concentrated. Pure organic lemon essential oil is astringent, antibacterial, refreshing and a skin tonic. lemon essential oil is perfectly revitalizing and uplifting, helping to keep clear mind. It is beneficial for oily teenager skin. Important: It may cause dermal irritation or sensitisation reactions in some individuals. There are plenty of ways to enjoy our essential oils aroma:

with aroma/mist diffusers

with oil burners

with Himalayan salt aroma lamps

or just simply add a few drops into warm water to have a luxury bath!





Used parts of plant: fruit peel

Source: Italy

Extraction Method: cold expression

Net Weight: 1oml

Do not use internally, delude before use