Aroma Touch Lamp/ Oil Burner- Purple

Our electric burners/ wax melts create a very special and cozy atmosphere. They are stylish as a home decoration too. Fill the plate with few drops of your favorite aromatherapy oil , relax and enjoy…


Aroma Touch Lamp/ Oil Burner- Purple


This aroma touch Lamp has 3 light settings that are controlled by touching the base or by the top silver rim. The casing is a silver colour with tree pattern that has 3 warm colour setting to create the mood in the room whilst the burner on top fills the room with your favourite aroma making for a relaxing experience.

Why not browse of range of essential oils to complete your purchase.

Just place your favourite scented wax melt/oil into the cup, turn on the burner and relax as the room is filled with your favourite fragrance and creates the perfect calming atmosphere.

Contains: aroma lamp in gift box

Height: about 40cm