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Our soya wax candles are made of pure essential oils with luxury fragrance oil touch. Specially selected aroma oil blends smell amazing, help to relax, focus and brings energy.

Our soya wax candles have a natural wooden wick and handcrafted oak wood lid

In Aroma House we provide online natural soy wax candles in Ireland, probably the best quality with the beautiful scent of cinnamon and orange, sweet ripe raspberries, juniper and cedarwood, amber scent, pomegranate and musk, caramelized warm vanilla, exotic mango, bitter and rerfeshing bergamot and lemongrass.

All our soy wax scents are professionally blended and described with three levels of aroma notes that are revealed when the candle is burning. The top note brings you a first impression of the scent. The middle notes follow just shortly after top notes, the scent is deeper and lasts longer. The base notes last longest after all, this is the base of the scent. These three levels of the scent create for you a beautiful harmony of different aromatic oils.

In Aroma House we offer beautiful aroma home reed diffusers which are carefully hand blended using only natural essential oils and best quality fragrance oils. Professional design and the choice of large 200ml or smaller 50 ml glass jar with natural sticks creates a very special and cozy home atmosphere!

The home reed diffusers are very stylish and professionally blended. Only quality fragrance oils are selected to create the unique scent for your home!